Best Interactive Books For Kids

interactive-books-for-kids-v2-main-medInside: These interactive books for kids are perfect for high-energy kids because they give your little one a chance to move and burn energy while you read. And you’ll love them too! Add these titles to your collection of the best picture books.

Because of the wiggly toddler stage, we’ve had to get creative when it comes to picking out picture books we can read together.

When you hear about interactive books for kids you tend to think about lift-the-flap and pop-up books. Which is fine except that moving one finger every 30 seconds doesn’t exactly cut it for some toddlers.

Not to mention that those intricate lift-the-flap and pop-up pieces get destroyed on the first read-through.

“Interactive” books for your iPad or smartphone aren’t a good fit, either.

For toddlers who are full of energy, screen time turns them into a total grump who’s still full of energy.

These picture books are perfect for high-energy kids because they give your little one a chance to move and burn energy while you read.

The best part of these interactive books for kids is that unlike a lot of kids’ books on the market, they won’t make you gouge out your eyes if you end up reading them every day. Wait. Let’s not kid ourselves. If you end up reading them 20,000 times a day.

Add these interactive children’s books to your home library, and get back to enjoying story time with your active kid.

1. Press Here

Your preschooler and toddler will get so into the instructions to press and shake and tilt this book that you will have to outlaw it from the pool of bedtime stories for kids in your house.

If your kids love Press Here (which they will), be sure to check out the other two in this series: Mix It Up! and Let’s Play!

And here’s a bonus for parents: After a few read-through, your kid will be able to figure out what she’s supposed to do on each page without you reading the words. Translation? Give your kid all three of these books, then you can cuddle up on the couch for a catnap.


2. Flora and the Flamingo

Fair warning: This is a wordless picture book. But don’t be scared because it’s so much fun that inspires a child’s imagination. Almost every child likes to dance, to move through the air with feet flowing and hands waving with a big smile on their faces. What fun to be free to move.

If Flora‘s a hit with your little one, try these two next:  Flora and the Peacocks and  Flora and the Penguin.


Here’s a little taste of this interactive picture book:

     Can you gallop like a horse? Giddyup-a-loo!
     Can you strut like a rooster? Cock-a-doodle-doo!
Your kids won’t resist getting up and acting out every animal movement in this book, and it always ends in giggles from everyone.
For kids who love Gallop!, try out Waddle! and Swing! for even more interactive fun.

4. Can You Make A Scary Face?

This interactive picture book revolves around a tickly green bug and getting it off your body. Get ready to watch your kid try to wiggle her nose, make a scary face, and do the chicken dance – and more.
Kids who enjoy this one might also enjoy Is Everyone Ready for Fun? from the same author.

5. Little Yoga

Toddlers and preschoolers doing yoga has to be the cutest thing ever, so this book delivers maximum cuteness because it steps through nine playful yoga poses perfect for little ones.
You will love it when your toddler grabs this book off the shelf, lays it in front of her, and starts moving through the poses on her own.
Be sure to also check out Sleepy Little Yoga, from the list of the best bedtime stories for kids that will actually calm your kid down for sleep.

6. From Head to Toe

This book comes in board book format too, which makes it perfect for the youngest toddlers who still think books are for chewing, not reading.

Kids get into this one quickly because the text point-blank invites them to act out the animal movements.

By the way, this book holds a special place in my heart because it was my youngest’s firstfavorite book – one she would ask for again and again.

7. Keep Our Secrets

This is going to sound weird, but you’ll need a hair dryer to make the images appear on each page. Or as another option, you can get a special eraser to make the images appear more quickly. (I hear the Pilot Frixion eraser works well but haven’t tested it myself.) 

The whole book is like one big science experiment: Will it work if we breathe hot air on it? What if we use a heating pad? What if we leave it outside in the sun?
When you’re done reading, put the book in the freezer to make the pictures go dark again. Kids will love this part too. You could play games by asking them how they think it works.

8. I Got the Rhythm

Kids will love the musical element of this interactive book, and they will have fun imagining a rhythm along with the main character.

And of course, they move their little bodies along with the rhythm. Clap, clap. Stomp, stomp. Snap, snap.

This book is especially perfect for kids who love music and dancing.

9. Pete’s a Pizza

Aside from the fact that the wordplay in this book title makes my preschooler crack up every time, this book is a great excuse for some healthy roughhousing.

As you read, you’ll pretend to turn your kid into a pizza just like Pete’s father does in the story, and your kid will eat. it. up.

Warning: You may resort to ordering pizza for dinner afterwards.

10. It’s a Tiger

In this picture book, the main character keeps running into (and away from) a tiger over and over again.

Your kids will have fun acting out trying to get away from the tiger; run when it says to run, tiptoe when it says to tiptoe over the snakes, climb the air when it says to climb the ladder, and much more.

11. Cat Secrets

This picture book invites kids to pretend to be cats – they’ll meow, purr, stretch. Adorable!

The last part of the book could even make this a good fit for bedtime, although you may need to follow it up with a more calming book from your collection of bedtime stories to seal the deal.

12. How to Put Your Parents to Bed

Of all the interactive books for kids we’ve read, this one is my absolute favorite.

In this book, the child is the one putting the parents to bed. And so our favorite time to read this book is to get the wiggles out well before bedtime.

Here’s how: Sometime between dinner and bedtime, read the book and have your kids put you to bed. The key is to make them do all the work of getting you ready for bed. Send them out for a glass of water. Don’t cooperate when they try to tuck you under the covers. Ask ridiculous questions like, “Why don’t ducks have arms?” or “Why don’t fish eat hamburgers?”

We also love to use this one as a proper bedtime story – we just tone down the interactive bit as explained in my list of the best bedtime stories for kids


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