Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Review

Are you thinking that cloth diapers are impractical and old-fashioned? We’ll prove you wrong! They’ve changed a lot since Grandma’s day. Here are the facts.

Why Cloth Diapers?

Once thought of as a vestige of the olden days, wash-and-wear nappies are an eco-friendly and economical option for modern families. Say goodbye to your notions of the pins, the big square pieces of cotton, leaky kids, and the daunting task of cleaning up. Easily laundered all-in-one diapers are the order of the day. With snaps or Velcro closures, waterproof banding around the waist and legs, and natural, breathable fibers that require no soaking, cloth diapers can be a more palatable choice than you may imagine.

For the fashion conscious, there are all the cool patterns to consider. For those concerned with keeping little bottoms pristine, you won’t have to worry about blowouts and suspicious chemicals used in making disposables so absorbent. Add to this the potential savings and you may want to give cloth-diapering a try.

What’s so great about the Cloth Diaper?

baby-safety-tipsFree from Chemicals and Safe for Your Baby! ─ There are a LOT of chemicals in disposable diapers (you think that magic gel stuff that absorbs 100 times its weight in urine is natural?) ─ By using Cloth Diapers, you are reducing baby’s exposure to chemicals. Disposables are plastic and contain chlorine, polyacrylate, and other chemicals that haven’t been proven safe for use on anyone, especially babies! Dioxins, sodium polycrylate, dyes, fragrances, and phthalates are some of the ingredients credible scientific researchers have found in disposable diaper brands including Huggies and Pampers used by millions of parents. Dioxin, a by-product of bleaching, is listed by the EPA as the most toxic carcinogen.

Protect your child now and buy cloth diapers

Environment-friendly ─ Disposable diapers generate 60 times more solid waste and use 20 times more raw materials to make than cloth diapers do. Yikes. The poo in cloth diaper will end up in the toilet where it belongs compared to disposable diapers which you will throw in the bin that will end up in the landfill. If you are in the US,  it is illegal in most regions of the US to put human faeces in the landfill because it is a bio-hazard that could pollute groundwater systems if the landfill leached into surrounding water table. Additionally, it’s estimated to take between 250 and 500 years for a single disposable diaper to break down in a landfill. Whereas cloth are used over and over before heading to the landfill, and they they take about 5 months to break down. You may even be able to compost old cloth diapers as long as they’re made from natural fiber such as cotton or wool. Won’t you think twice before saying no to cloth diapers?

Cloth Diapers are eco-friendly – Save the Earth and buy Cloth Diapers



Very Cost Effective  They’re cheaper! If you go cloth and launder them yourselves, the cost over three years will be between $600 and $1100, thus saving 75% of your diaper budget over 3 years! And diapering a second child will save you more money as it will only cost you the laundering (about $400 for three years). money-saver.pngIf money is really tight, it is even possible to completely cloth diaper from birth to potty training for around $100 (some people spend that a month for disposables!). And they are convenient, for instance, you never have to run out to the store in bad weather or in the middle of the night to buy more!

Quality and Style ─ The new cloth diapers are cute! There are now better options for cloth diapering than when our mothers and grandmothers were doing it and cloth diapering can actually be easy! They actually leak much less than disposables and no outfits ruined by yellow baby poop! There are a lot of brands of diapers that can fit baby from birth to potty training, so it saves space too! They hold their value, so you can sell them to someone else when your children are out of diapers, if you take good care of them.No Diaper Rash  Another huge benefit is that your kids will have NO diaper rashes, which is a regular thing with disposables – how about that for a relief for both you and baby?
Early Potty Train ─ Children often potty train earlier in cloth diapers because;

  • They are more aware of the wetness and connect the sensation faster and
  • Mom gets tired of washing out the diapers and is more motivated to potty train 🙂

Ideal for bed-wetting toddlers ─ If your toddler is still wetting the bed, then look no further – Cloth Diapers are ideal! You will get the required size and it’s a huge money saver!

If you haven’t considered cloth diapering, please at least look into it. It’s so much better for baby’s skin and isn’t really much extra work for you

So, what Cloth Diaper to choose now?

Rumparooz Simply our favorite. Easy to use, so soft, highly customizable, & excellent performance.

Manufacturer Kanga Care
Est. lifetime cost $720.00
Absorbency:  Absorbency
Fit / Leakage:  Fit - Leakage
Ease of use: 
Weight range (lbs) OS: 6-40
Type of Diaper Pocket
Available Closures Snaps
Prep Instructions Wash once prior to first wear.
Diaper Balm Recs Avoid diaper cream.
If needed, add re-useable liner.
Routine Laundry Instructions 1) Pre-rinse cold
2) Hot wash/Cold rinse w/1/4 portion of regularly recommended amount of detergent
3) Dry: Lay flat or machine low (they dry fast)

The best thing about Rumparooz is how you can get the “just right” absorbency level. This pocket diaper comes with two inserts that can be used together or separately. There are six different ways to configure these inserts, before stuffing them inside the diaper pocket, to increase absorbency and place padding where your child needs it. Also, Rumparooz have both an inner and outer elastic barrier around the leg openings to make leakage near impossible. Besides its plush, soft materials, it is a high quality, customizable cloth diaper that performs excellently. Both the Newborn and One Size Microfiber 6r Soaker inserts that are included with the cloth diapercan be used together as a doubler (two layers of absorption) or separately depending on the degree and location of absorbency desired. The pocket is wide with stretchy elastic which makes it very easy to stuff. We also love this diaper’s unique dual inner gussets that serve well to hold in mess and reduce leakage.

Simply put, this is one great cloth diaper.

Save up to 75% of your diaper budget for the first 3 years and buy this Rumparooz Cloth Diaper now!

Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper

Buy Now

One thought on “Rumparooz Cloth Diaper Review

  1. I also love rumparooz but prefer their covers to the pockets… Love this post & I followed your site! If you have time I would love for you to stop by my blog, I’m trying to review every cloth diaper we’ve ever tried… 🙂


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