Kids are a blessing

Truly, kids are a blessing to every lucky parent.


Some couples try hard to have kids of their own but still cannot make it. Some opt for adoption. Some opt for different other methods to get pregnant.

If you have a kid, then we are among the lucky ones to have had the privilege to raise a human being since birth.

Instead of thinking of it as a burden, think about it this way. You have been given a small human being to take care of. It is your responsibility to make it a responsible person, to live up to his/her own expectations and to become truly remarkable adults.

Isn’t this amazing?

Everytime I look at my child, I think how hard and at the same time how amazing it is to raise a human being. Babies come into this world knowing nothing about what life is all about. Some get brought up in rich family, some in poor, some in good health, some in sickness and the list goes on and on… But the bottom line is, no matter which family a baby has been brought into, it has to learn about life. It simply has to learn. And it is our responsibility as parents to ensure we ease that learning process for them.

Now let’s put ourselves as adults in their place. Let’s say we’ve been put in a classroom and we need to learn about something. The one who teaches us is always shouting, not listening to our questions, or replying to any for that matter, always focused on their smartphone or laptop. The teacher here is not really getting involved with the students, we can even say from the behaviour that the teacher doesn’t really care. Now think about us in the classroom, are we going to learn about anything at all?

There are 2 types of outcome:

  1. Some of us would learn the hard way, on our own and try hard to keep up with everything
  2. Some of us will just let go and not do anything for that matter

Whose fault was it? Definitely not the students… but for sure the teacher…

We, as parents, have been blessed with our children. Children are constantly learning. We have been in this world far longer than them and we are used to it, they are not yet. It is our duty to ensure that the next generation feels welcomed in this world, to be there for them, to be their support and friend, to be a role model for them.

Being a parent is an amazing thing. Toughest job in the world, but still a very rewarding job because what we are building is the future. A future that we will also live in when we grow older. So what kind of future do we want for ourselves?

Our children do not deserve bad teachers. They just need your constant love, care and support, and to be there for them, to listen to them, play with them, spend time with them and provide undivided attention to them.

Our children are a blessing, let’s be grateful we have them.

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